This page require scipts to be enable in browser settings to appear correctly Product Ideas and invention - Amplitude Modulation, Optical Transmission, Automobile Gearbox
  Direct Energy Conversion from Hydrocarbon Fuels     Stop Backward Movement of Automobile  

Energy conversion from chemical form to electrical form for hydrocarbon fuels using electromagnetic waves in the form of laser to provide catalytic quanta of energy     Slope lock for automobile gearbox to prevent an automobile from trailing backward on climbing a slope. The mechanism allows unidirectional movement
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Patent application no. 336/BOM/99
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Patent application no. 396/BOM/96
  Assemble Electrical Circuits Faster and Easier     Increase Speed of Optical Transmission  
  Spring connector to allow press, insert, release and fix electrical connections to electrical accessories for faster and easier assembly of circuits and boards     Transmission of  2 bytes per clock pulse through optical fiber using multiple lasers where intensity of laser combined with wavelength represent data  
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Patent application no. 3165/MUM/2010
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Patent application no. 634/MUM/2001
  Two Signals on AM by Dual Mode Modulation     Single Pedal Accelerator Brake  
  Transmission of two signals on one carrier wave by use of dual mode amplitude modulation that modulating different signals on positive and negative side of amplitude     Use Same pedal as brake and Accelerator for an automobile with automatic transmission (vehicle without  clutch pedal)  
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Patent application no. 3302/MUM/2010
    Accelerator Pedal
Patent application no. 225/BOM/98
  Multiple Signal (Modulation) Recording on Magnetic Tape        
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Patent application no. 395/BOM/96
  More than one modulated signals (amplitude modulation) recorded on magnetic tape enables selection of signal  while playback the recorded audio