Modulation Aided Recording on Magnetic Tape to store More Information on Single Tape


More than one modulated signal are recorded on a magnetic tape. The recorded signal when reproduced is fed to a adjustable tuning circuit where specific frequency is selected for demodulation and amplification. User to change frequency instead of changing the tape (cassette). (Similar to changing frequency on a radio receiver device).

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    Patent application no. 395/BOM/96  

    Dual Mode Amplitude Modulation to Transmit Double information Over AM Carrier Wave

  Dual Mode Amplitude Modulation Transmission of two signals on one amplitude modulated carrier wave. Dual mode amplitude modulation modulates different signals on positive and negative amplitudes of the carrier wave. The invention utilizes the fact that an Amplitude modulated signal, when de-modulated, uses a diode circuit to remove one side of the amplitude. This method utilizes redundant part of signal to transmit more information or data.
  Patent application no. 3302/MUM/2010    

   Direct Energy Conversion from Hydrocarbon Fuel


A device to convert of chemical energy to electrical energy in hydrocarbon by using electromagnetic waves (laser). The laser provides a catalytic quanta of energy required to remove an electron from H atom (Ionization energy). Energy extracted in electrical form is more efficient for use and can be stored for future use. 

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  Patent application no. 336/BOM/99  
   Multiple Laser Optical Transceiver to Transmit 2 byte per Clock through Optical Fibre 
Optical Transciver Thumbnail Transmit 2 bytes per clock pulse through an optical fibre. Multiple lasers with variable intensities and wavelengths create combinations and each combination represents multiple bits of data. A combination of 4 lasers each with 16 intensity levels could transmit 2 byte per clock pulse.  Thus increasing the speed of data transmission.
Patent application no. 634/MUM/2001  
    Accelerator Brake Pedal Common for Braking and Acceleration  
Use one pedal as brake and Accelerator pedal for an automobile with automatic transmission (vehicle without  clutch pedal). The pedal switches functions in mutually exclusive manner allowing one pedal to control both functions in opposite direction. Common Accelerator Brake Thumbnail  
  Patent application no. 225/BOM/98  
  Slope Lock In Gearbox to Prevent Backward Movement on Slope
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Slope lock for automobile gearbox to prevent trailing of an automobile climbing a slope. The lock allows unidirectional movement of transmission shaft by way of locking mechanism. The lock stops transmission shaft rotation in opposite direction. This enables marginal fuel saving and safety.

Patent application no. 396/BOM/96  
    Screw less Contact Terminal for Easy and Fast Assembly   
Spring connector to allow "Press, Insert, Release" method to fix electrical connections to electrical accessories and enable faster and easier assembly of circuits and boards. The connectors do not require screws to fix connection. Though these are not new connectors and are in use for low voltage circuits, these are not currently used in household and industrial electrical accessories.
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  Patent application no. 3165/MUM/2010